Mulch Vs Milch

Earlier a cow was not seen just as a milk producing machinery rather she was part of complete ecosystem that ultimately was linked with economy of a farmer. Era changed and machineries were introduced and the only use wht could one understood from cow was to get milk.

Now the entire focus of people and government was simply on how to produce more and more milk ethically unethically whatsoever be the way. Operation flood was introduced. The divine indigenous breed was crossed with foreign breeds to get more and more milk.

Indigenous breeds gradually started declining and now they are at the verge of extinction. The focus on milch paved way for introduction of harmful A1 milk in contrast with the medicinal A2 milk of our indigenous cows.

What was not considered was the power of mulch. The dung the cow produces was ignored and the best medicinal fertilizer was replaced with harmful chemicals as part operation green. This introduced uncountable diseases which every Indian is facing on day to day basis. Cancer has become so common now a days that very often we see cancer cases emerging in our known circle.

To again reestablish the lost cycle and complete ecosystem of cow based economy, the team at Shri Shyam Sunder GaushalaKandhauli is tirelessly working for the welfare of society at large. Mulch is given priority and high quality fertilizer is being made using indigenous Gauvansh dung for using in field and growing healthy and nutritious grains & vegetables.

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