About Us

About Us

Shri Shyam Sunder Gaushala is being run by Bhoorishringa Foundation which is a non-profit organization solely engaged in the divine service of Gau Mata and her progeny. It was observed that due to Anna Pratha (leaving cows abandoned) in Bundelkhand farmers are using razor wires in their field for protecting the crops from abandoned cows. Cows trying to enter in field due to hunger get in contact with the wire and get deep injury and cut in their body. As there is no treatment neither from farmers nor from government, such cows die very painful death.

Bhoorishringa volunteers took lot of effort to study the matter in Bundelkhand and start some remedial action for this. Treatment of the injured cows was initiated in village Terha district Hamirpur of Bundelkhand and cows which got well were kept in Shri Shyam Sunder gausahla village Kandhauli.

Now treatment of injured and sick cows is also being done at Shri Shyam sunder Gaushala. Currently 226 cows are peacefully residing at Shri Shyam Sunder Gaushala village Kandhauli. The village is located at distance of 9 Km from district Hamirpur of Bundelkhand.

Now with 226 Gauvansh in Gaushala, we are striving hard to make it a unique Gaushala which works holistically and establish the complete ecosystem of cows and her progeny. Cow is linked with all four PurusharthDharm, Arth, Kama and Moksha.

Most current Gaushalas have a very narrow vision and do not act holistically for saving and serving the Gauvansh. Due to this cows have lost all its glory and has become helpless. Most places only serve theory but there is no practical implementation of the same.

Few places just try to create news with some useless products which have no practical relevance when comes to actual usage of the products.

This website presents our vision and activities taken up by us. Please go through various section and you will come to know how this program is completely different and working on the root cause of the problem. We just require your support in whatever way you can help the cause and consider this as your own program. Together we will bring complete protection of mother cows and her progeny.

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