Unique Gaushala

shri shyam sunder gaushala kandhauli

Why Shri Shyam Sunder Gaushala is unique? Generally Gaushalas are made in cities where cows are kept within concrete boundaries with no place of proper roaming for them. In such places there is no question of natural grazing places.

We kept this in mind while selecting place so that the injured/sick/abandoned cows and her progeny who are brought to us may get natural place to live, roam and graze.

All 226 cows (as of now,growing day by day) of the Gaushala go to graze daily with 8 Gusevaks who accompany them for their care and safety.

Following features differentiate us from rest of the Gaushalas:
1. We arrange grazing land for cows by taking same on lease from farmers on annual basis. This gives cows and her progeny a natural environment to graze. Due to this most of our Gauvansh remain healthy all the time.
2. We made rule of feeding entire cow milk to the calves born in Gaushala so that calves be strong become good cows/ Bullocks in future.
3. As part of creat.ing use of male calves we started training of bullocks. Now we have three pairs of bullocks ready and being used for farming and pulling carts. Training of many other male calves is under progress.

4. We started Gau Adharit Farming by use of compost and Gaumutra of our cows and are motivating villagers for adopting the same.
5. The Gaushala is located in a village therefore Gavyas that a cow/Nandi produce eg dung & urine is extremely useful. In addition males have proper utilization in farming.
6. This is not only a Gaushala rather it’s a holistic approach towards development of cluster of neighboring villages in areas of child development, women empowerment, creation of local jobs and opportunities and of course keeping cow and her progeny in centre of all activities

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