Long Term Objectives

# To save cows across nation from sickness, starving and slaughtering

# To take steps towards forming self-sustainable Gaushalas

# Making of Village wise small Guashalas (capacity less than 500 cows/Nandi in each such Gaushala) for keeping native breed abandoned cows/Nandi.

# To unleash true economic value of Desi cows/Nandi.

# To Establish the significance of Cow as ‘mother for all’ through out the world.

# Feed Management And Storage – To create big fodder banks to support feed of abandoned cows at various location through out India

# Treatment of cows: Big cow hospitals  to support injured and sick cows in radius of 250 km from the hospital

# To reestablish Cow Based natural farming across all villages nearby to the Gaushalas

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