Back to basics

Male Gauvansh is neglected everywhere. Farmer abandon them and finally they meet untimely and unnatural death either by accidents or in slaughtrhouses. If they reach a Gushala. Gaushala confines them in small area. This is painful to hear but is truth.

To bring change in this scenario, Shyam Sunder Gaushala was started in a village where male Gauvansh equal opportunity to live natural life and contribute to Gaushala by their power. Keeping the same in mind we started training the male calves in Shri Shyam Sunder GaushalaKandhauli. Few pairs of bullocks already started working and supporting ploughing activities. This is a continuous process and each male calf is well fed and depending on the breed quality we are developing them into bulls or bullocks.

With Back to basics program we envisions to stop machinery as far as possible in farming and to reintroduce lost glory of bullocks. The farm gets better with the use of bullocks in place of tractor. With no use of harmful chemical in field we are growing poison free grains. We are going back to our basics of farming. You may join us in this holy endeavor as it is convenient to you.

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