Our Vision

# Sri Shyam Sunder Gaushala has been setup in village Kandhauli. It is lacated at 9 Km distance from District Hamirpur of Bundelkhnad. The Gaushala is being run by Bhoorishringa Foundation (The foundation to help cows live longer with pride and respect)

# Initially the treatment of injured and sick cows/Nandi was initiated by Bhoorishringa Foundation at various locations of Bundelkhand including village Terha. After the cows/ Nandi got well they were transferred, kept and served in a place at village Kandhauli. As number of cows/ Nandi grew, by the mercy of Lord Krishna, Shri Shyam Sunder Gaushala was formed. Gaushala also started accepting abandoned cows/ Nandi which are prone to slaughter from nearby places. Current number of cows/Nandi being served are more than 300.

# The count is increasing rapidly because of new cows/Nandi addition and reproduction

# Monthly expense is minimum of 3000 per cow/Nandi so total expense is approximately Rs. 900000 (nine lakh) per month

# Gaushala is run by kind Donors who donate for fodder and shelter but as the number of mother cow is increasing therefore more donors/members are required

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